Saturday, February 1, 2014

While sitting in a waiting room on a Friday afternoon

Is it just me or does the term "waiting room" give you the creeps?  

Eating over the sink

I have to think 
Original casual dining
Is eating over the sink
No matter what slips
Drops or drips
Whether slice or slather
It just doesn't matter
Everything gathers
So carelessly neat
When you eat
Over the sink.


I would write haiku
If there weren't so many rules
You have to follow.

Not a Haiku

Kris said loving her
was easier
than anything he'll ever do again.
What the hell was he smoking?

Love Haiku #1-Based on a true story

Love is sharing a
Set of dentures and the last
of the baloney.

1 comment:

  1. The term Waiting Room actually does give me the creeps, but it looks like you made good use of it.