Monday, February 24, 2014

Google, google, tweet, tweet

When I was Googling this morning, I decided to coffee and toast.  Upon toasting, I found that I would like to jam as well.  Since we were out of jam, I jellied. As I was coffeeing and toasting and jellying, I wondered about the homo sapiens' love affair with turning nouns into verbs.  And why we choose to discriminate and give some social networking entities their own verb (Twitter), others no choice but to verbalize the noun (Google), and still others neither or, perhaps both ( in "I'm going to be Facebooking for awhile" or "I can't mop the floor, do a load of wash, and cook your dinner right now because I'm catching up with my Facebook.")

Maybe the big question is:  do we really care?

Probably not.  So instead of blogging this morning, I think I'll go for a jog, which will set me to jogging.  And, with a little dexterity, while I'm jogging, I can tweet, Facebook, and Google.  I may decide to be a rebel and Twitter instead of tweet, basically letting that little activity know that I don't have to recognize its own special little verb and that Twitter needs to get off its high horse.  In fact, though it would be quite a challenge mentally and physically, while I'm jogging I could actually be blogging about tweeting and Googling.  And I could link that to Facebook!

Now that would be something you could write home about.

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