Sunday, January 26, 2014

You've got to start sometime...

Okay, you've got to start sometime.  A blank page is a daunting adversary, however each keystroke diminishes the daunt, up until the point that it no longer exists.  You just have to punch, punch, punch away until that great big ole blank page is filled with letters and words which, if you're lucky, manage to entertain or elucidate or engage someone at some particular time.  Heck, you may even anger them...or hurt their feelings...or bore them to tears.

So, yeah, I'm officially retired from the corporate life and one of my most solid promises to myself is that I will spend more time writing (and reading actually because I don't think you can do one justice without doing the other).  I started with a stack of seven books and I'm through three of them.  I've tried my hand at a smidgen of songwriting, I've penned a poem or two (by the way, you will never see me refer to myself as a poet...I don't even come close to approaching the amount of discipline I believe it takes to be a poet...and I would never deem myself talented in that field).  I suppose what I'm writing is closer to poem form than say - short story - or novel.  Actually, what it boils down to is that while some people like to hear themselves talk, I like to see myself write.

I'll eventually link this blog to something that will allow folks to access it.  At that point it's up to you.  If you want to wade through all the mediocre stuff, you might find something that engages you or touches your proverbial heartstring, or headstring.  I'll also use my poetic license...see there I go leaning toward believing that there's poetry in here create my own words, use adjective as adverbs (basically just leaving off the -ly), making verbs out of nouns - something that everyone seems to like to do these days - plus just kind of put my language out there to be drank, eaten, or vacuumed up by whomever, whenever, wherever.

Yeah, and I doubt if I spell check so let's just go with the fact that there will be ERRORS in my writing.  I've spent 41 years attempting to avoid and correct errors and I don't want to spend another 41 years continuing to do so.

So what we have so far is what I believe is a spiffy little blog title, at least one blank page almost beaten into submission, and the intention (insert road sign which reads, "Hell this way") to actually submit to this blog on a reasonably regular basis.  If you see my other blogs, you'll understand that I've harbored that intention before but "work got in the way."

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  1. I bet you will be amazed at how your brain works, and thinks, and designs, and sings, and creates when it is not full of corporate bullshit and focused on what they think is some big ass problem that you really don't give a shit about but are using all of your energy to pretend that you do and to solve it! Let that creativity out of the box! I can't wait to see what happens.