Monday, January 27, 2014

Shining sea

I suppose I will be a little lazy today and pull something off my Facebook page that I wrote last week.  Geri and I were on a rare trip...this time to the 30A Singer and Songwriter Festival in Santa Rosa Beach...and I was bedazzled by the brilliance of the sunlight flashing off the waves of the Gulf.  Diamonds on turquoise and absolutely beautiful.  Why is it that the simplest things are sometimes the most miraculous?  Or is it simply that our level of appreciation peaks and ebbs and mine was at a peak at this time. Anyway, in an effort to keep that writing promise fresh and alive, I took a quick photo and stuck some words with it.

Sea strewn with diamonds,
Children borrowed from the night,
Splashing, sparkling atop the tide,
Swept into the swirling surf,
Till Dusk appears beyond a swell
And sounds a distant dinner bell,
And opalescent Momma Moon
Tugs them home again.


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