Monday, March 3, 2014

Weather complainers...ugh!

What is it with all these people who have nothing better to do than complain about the weather?  I was thinking about that this morning when I opened the blinds on yet another gunmetal grey sky with some form of precipitation urinating from, sleet, snow, rain...who the hail knows.  Yeah, I was thinking about the "weather complainers."  I mean, why not spend time complaining about something you actually have control your income taxes, or the price of gasoline, or the condition of health care in this country?  As I was bundling up once again against the 20 mph north wind that dropped the 28 degree temperature to 12 degrees, so I could deal with yet another freezing day that absolutely saps any modicum of drive from me,  I couldn't get the weather complainers off my mind.

When I walked to the truck to head to the farm, I was amused at how the soles of my shoes failed to grip the pavement of my driveway, causing me to slip and slide in a really awkward but funny way, and I wondered aloud if we were going to continue to experience these crappy conditions for the whole month of March, just like we had in November, December, January, and February.  And that brought to mind a lady I heard on television yesterday being all down in the mouth and depressed about the foot of snow she was trying to shovel from her driveway and how this had been the worst winter she could remember.  Come on, lady...give it a rest.  It's weather!  It's outside of your realm of control!  Find something else to whine about!

Arriving at the farm, the first thing I noticed was the need to break up all the ice in the outside water containers.  Good thing we leave the faucets dripping inside the farmhouse,  because it doesn't look like this winter is going to let the hell up anytime soon.  Oh, sure, we'll get fooled with a day or two or three of sixty degree temperatures, but all we're doing is waiting for the next fricking blob of polar air to swoop down from Canada or wherever the hell all these intolerable conditions are coming from.

But back to the weather complainers.  Let me give you some advice.  Not only can you not change it, but when it does change on its own, you'll find something to gripe about then too.  It's too windy in March.  April is the cruelest month.  It sure got hot fast in May.  Gee, looks like June is going to be a drought month.  My gosh, I thought July was hot until we got into August.  And on and on it goes.

I really need to get off this blog and go out and drain some water from the pool again.  We've had so much darn rain lately, I can't seem to keep the pool level where it should be.  Rain, rain, rain!  Every time you turn around!  Well, at least it's not ice and snow.

So, anyway, take my advice on this, all you weather complainers.  Give it a rest.  Tackle something of substance that you can sink your teeth into and have some impact around.  Devote some time to prescription drug costs or the partisan deadlock we have in our House and Senate or the slow destruction of the rain forests by big industry.

You know, the rain forests have a huge impact on the weather.  Maybe that's why it's been so unpredictable and crappy.

Well, till next time, folks, chill.  As if you had any other choice.

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